Plant of the Month October 2016

Verbena 2

Verbena Bonariensis is a member of the verbenaceae family and native to South America where it is commonly known as purple top vervain, cluster top or Argentinian vervain.

A tall hardy perennial with stiff stems often growing to 2m and surmounted by tight clusters of small lavender to purple rose flower heads. The flowers last long from late summer until the first frost and are attractive to bees and butterflies. It is drought tolerant and prefers to grow in full sun.

Recently becoming very popular and has an RHS award of garden merit. Looking its best when planted in a block, blending well with grasses giving a see through effect.

It seeds readily. The attractive planting in the Mulberry garden at Reveley has produced quantities of little seedling plants in the gravel paths. Some of these have been potted up and grown on for sale. Look for them in the Stable yard.

Their prolific seeding has raised concern in the USA that it may become an invasive species. It is on ‘the watch list’ in Washington State. Hopefully this will not become a problem in our cooler climate. It is a most attractive plant so don’t be put off.

Vebena 1

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