This Halloween garden trail has been designed for primary school aged children
but anyone can have a go. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

As you follow the directions around the garden you will find small, numbered pumpkin signs which indicate where you should stop to carry out the various activities. There are eight pumpkin pictures in this trail and you will need to visit them all to complete it.

Please be respectful of this wonderful Victorian garden and of other visitors while you are here.

Keep yourself safe:

  • Do not go near the pond without an adult. There are no pumpkin signs there.
  • Walk sensibly in the woodland areas as it is easy to trip over tree roots if you are running.
  • Stay away from the bee hives on the far side of the vegetable garden. There are no pumpkin signs in this area of the garden.
  • If you are careful and quiet you will have a much greater chance of seeing wildlife in the garden.

Download the activity sheet

Please print out the activity sheet below and bring it and a pen or a pencil along with you!