It seems the sunny weather has gone south of the equator once again, it’s foggy outside today as I write, the Foxgloves have all been planted out, tulips chosen and pumpkins harvested, so it must be autumn!

Here is a wee look back at just a few of things that have happened in the garden here at Reveley Lodge.

You may remember I mentioned in the Spring blog about the Straw bale method, and why I was trying it out. And although we didn’t get massive harvests from our pumpkins, most of the plants did produce several fruits, which given their less than perfect situation, I was quite happy with. I used my favourite French heirloom variety ‘Rouge vif D’Etampes’. And now the plants are all gone, the bales continue to useful, as I am left with some great mulching material of around the garden.  So perhaps I will  try it again next year.

Regarding the weather, it has definitely been a tale of 2 summers, with the first part quite warm and dry, but the second was mixed to say the least, with subsequent harvests.

But despite the variable weather, we had some really good event days. The Canada had exceptional weather, the National Garden Scheme Day was again very well attended, and special thanks to all those behind the scenes who made them happen and to those who came to support them. And then there were the memorable Open Air Cinema Nights which were fun with dancing on the lawn, in the dark, to the Mama Mia musical! I wont forget that in a hurry.

If you were at any or indeed all of these events, it can’t have escaped your notice that the main lawn was in very poor condition. And so would you be, if you had hundreds of people walking all over you in a day!

So immediately after the second Film Night we set to, to renovate the lawn. It has been a big team effort with Barry, myself and my trusty team of volunteers.  We levelled out hollows and hills, scarified, aerated, fed  and reseeded the lawn. It is starting to look more the part ready for next year.

This autumn we will be doing some more Laurel bashing to increase the daylight into key areas. We are continuing with our Rose Garden Renovation Project, and planting out the tulips.

Enjoy your garden this autumn.

Rory’s Blog

18 November 2017