Wow, it is sad to say, but this is my last blog for the Reveley Lodge website. It was nearly 5 years ago that I first came to visit the gardens here. I can remember it quite clearly. And it has been an honour and a huge blessing to get the opportunity to work here. You don’t always get to see things develop and grow so much, in a relatively short space of time, in the projects that you are involved in, as a gardener. 

And it has been a joy to see so many folks discovering Reveley in recent months and years.

So… Highlights? 

Meeting some of the enthusiastic gardeners who visit. I remember meeting two chums out for a wander one day , one a French astronomer who loves growing veg and keeping bees and the other an Irishman who loves growing shrubs and herbaceous plants. We had a great time exchanging thoughts and ideas – well I did at least!

Interesting moments, we have more than a few! Well on the Main Lawn, we have had North American Wigwams, space rockets landing with matching astronauts, a pop up exhibitions centre & blow up cinema screens, a re-enactment of St George finishing off a pesky dragon on my Main Lawn, a gang of very happy Morris dancers seriously testing out the paving on the Terrace, and oh yes, in the house there was a film crew trying out both my patience and the fire alarm at the same time!

Yes, we have had some really good events here, but my personal favourite was the Italian evening we held, not just because my wonderful wife is Italian, but the food, the wine, even a world famous Italian detective dropped in for an appearance!

And Granville the Head Trustee managed to book the most wonderful summer evening weather that night. Top marks Granville.


I have particularly enjoyed watching the vegetable and cuttings garden develop. Yes changing the layout has been rewarding, but just growing things like pumpkins & garlics with dahlias & a host of cutting material in a lovely setting, is what it is all about. That’s what gets you going on a cold February morning! The thought of what possibilities lie ahead.

But lastly I couldn’t leave off without thanking my team of volunteers and past and present team who have worked so hard to make Reveley a place to spend time in, for both me and visitors alike.