So here we are with the last of a short series of winter blogs, where I have attempted to share a few thoughts about a garden I have visited in the past year and where possible, compare it with our own garden at Reveley Lodge.

This time we have travelled to Sussex to see the world-famous Nymans Gardens. This is a garden I have longed to see for many years, but coming from the South of Scotland it is a long trip which has had to wait until time and circumstance suited.

Nymans is so large, that I feel I can only focus on one area, and funnily enough it was my favourite! 

The ruins of the Great Hall, which was sadly lost to a fire in 1947, provide a most spectacular of backdrops to the amazing planting at Nymans.

Planting at Nymans

The plants that are used like Tetrapanax papyrifer, Aeonium schwarzkopf and Colocasia esculenta with red bananas and Echiums is just sumptuous. This part of the house is full of textures, colours and multi shaped leaves that appear to drip from the building. 

And these are all plants I know, and we use here at Reveley Lodge, but to see them in such a different context was fascinating. 

Pot display at Nymans

The plants in pots at the base of this scene work so well. I like using pots here at Reveley Lodge as you can change things in just a matter of minutes. If you have enough plants that is!

The courtyard at Nymans

Then, as a complete contrast, if you go around the corner of the ruin,  you are taken into a courtyard which has manicured topiary, flagstones and planters filled with Pelargonium tomentosum, the fuzzy leafed peppermint geranium. This is one of my favourites at Reveley Lodge. ( I am a sucker for fuzzy leaved plants – just ask Lesley, my assistant!) You can nearly always find some in the conservatory.

A hydrangea at Nymans

Another delight at Nymans was the large number of Hydrangeas on show. I am growing in appreciation for this very versatile plant, and you can expect to see these showing up more in our garden here. 

I had waited many years to come to Nymans, and hand on heart, I was not disappointed. My top tip about visiting Nymans is to allow yourself lots of time when you go as it is so large.

Thank you for sharing a bit of this experience with me. According to the calendar Spring will soon be here, and quickly we will forget this very wet winter!