One man went to mow… I have now started regular mowing, in fact I never really stop because if there is a warmish day with a drying wind during the winter I often run the mower, with the blade set high, over the lawns which seems to freshen the grass and pick up any lying leaves. I have managed to persuade my friend at long last to adopt my regime for a better lawn. Raise the height of cut not less than half way on the adjustment lever and cut once a week regardless of the weather, so long as there is no frost on the grass. Also leave any patch filling and feeding until September. I know this works but he is yet to be convinced, and a good meal out is resting on the results. The mild weather has enabled me to move a lot of the young plants into the cold frame but I am still listening to the forecast in case I have to get myself out with a torch and cover the frames with fleece if a frost is predicted. I will not be able to use an old duvet, however, which has given a few years use as a cover. It became a mice hostel over the winter months and is now consigned to the compost heap where our resident fox is enjoying the warmth of the feathers.

8 April 2014