To end the year a list of things I know about working at Reveley Lodge:

I will struggle to keep the musical titles for these musings next year (the above is from Johnny Nash).

Mice will eat the first sweet pea sowings. 

The fallen leaves I pick up tomorrow will look the same but be different ones to the ones I pick up today

The longer you work in a garden the more autumn leaves there are (trees grow).

There will be rats .

Garden machinery only breaks down when you use it. There will be foul and abusive language directed at garden machinery.

Mobile phones and petrol leaf blowers while very useful are the invention of the devil. 

I will frequently bang my head on the machinery store door frame. 

There will be foul and abusive language directed at the door frame. 

I will never be able to grow a decent crop of carrots or celery

I will lose a pair of gloves, secateurs and a hand fork, the secateurs and fork will turn up later in the compost heap, gloves gone forever.

I will walk the full length of the garden to the tool shed and then forget what I came to get.

The pallet of potting compost (50 bags) will be delivered at lunchtime, left in the entrance gateway and it will be raining. 

I will frequently have one way conversations with goldfish, robins and the visiting tabby cat. 

The main lawn despite lots of care and attention will only be poor grass. Why? is a very, very hard horticultural question to answer.

Garden visitors are lovely people and it’s a pleasure to talk to them and answer questions apart from the one just before you who has put the gardener in a bad mood. Grumpiness is an art form.

May I wish everyone who reads these thoughts a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in the garden next year. 

No trustees were harmed in the making of this production.

December 2014