It certainly has been, and as I write we have a light covering of snow up here at Reveley. This winter I have been attempting to sort the areas of the garden that cause minor problems during the year. Shaping some of the edges of the borders so that the mower will cut evenly round the bed without leaving uncut areas that have to be done by hand. I have also been reducing the height of the boundary hedges to make future hedge cutting quicker, a warm job due to a combination of wearing protective chainsaw clothing and fear. I bear the scars from a fateful hedge cutting session many years ago.

All the seeds for this season have arrived and the plug plants ordered. Although I order online I still like the to have the physical seed catalogues to pour over with a big cup of coffee, quite literally in some cases. Not in a rush to begin sowing yet apart from the sweet peas which I have my own tradition of sowing on the first day back at work after the new year. They are nestling in the cold frame but don’t tell the mice.

I have always loved seed packets reminding me of going with my Dad at this time of year into Woolworths to buy Carters seeds for his allotment.

January 2015